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Christmas Campaign 2015: Children Ambulance Vehicle

Christmas Campaign 2015: Children Ambulance Vehicle

Already several days before Christmas, Carsten Braun was at the Children's and Youth clinic of the Städtische Klinikum in Karlshruhe on December 9 to deliver a donation for the Children Ambulance Vehicle. Children's emergency physician Dr. Friedemann Lindmayer, senior Children's Physician Dr. Paul Vöhringer and Head of Care nurse Edith Hildenbrand, who operate the emergency vehicle voluntarily, took some of their time to talk about the project and their experiences on duty. After eleven years the Children Ambulance Vehicle, a joint project of German Red Cross Karlsruhe and Städtische... read more
Company Picnic 2015

Company Picnic 2015

The Braun team met at the go-kart track Liedolsheim for a speed-charged company picnic, Saturday 12 September. It was an opportunity to live out racer ambitions during the go-kart race; however, aficionados of rather moderate pace could also participate in the fun either on the track as well as in the stands. After the surprisingly exhausting race and the following victory ceremony drivers and spectators enjoyed together various barbecued treats on the sunbathed terrace of the club house. Around the tables there was lots of vivid chatting, laughing and following matches of a number beloved... read more
Company Team wins Town-Tournament

Company Team wins Town-Tournament

Ten soccer-enthusiastic Braun Group employees participated under tropical conditions in the Neudorf Town-Tournament for company teams on August 3. Our team won the championship and the shining challenge cup undefeated. Braun’s Dustin Hofmann scored six of his team’s nine goals and became the tournament’s top scorer. Congratulations to our sportsmen on their success!

New freezer for food bank

New freezer for food bank

This week the last charity action announced in our Christmas letter 2014 was successfully realized! The Graben-Neudorf food bank’s broken freezer could eventually be replaced by a new one.  The new machine provides effective cooling and freezing of the foods available at the food bank; thereby, securing customers’ supply with perishable groceries such as frozen pizzas or various meat products. The new freezer’s decreased demand in power is a further positive side-effect the food bank can surely benefit from. We are glad that we are able to support directly also the weaker members of our... read more

We welcome you at Braunmetall

Braunmetall was founded in 1992 to be able to provide business customers quickly and extensively with a wide range of nonferrous metals of different types and designs. Our stock supply includes

  • Copper- and copper alloys foils, strips and sheets
  • titanium zinc strips and sheets
  • aluminium foils, strips and sheets
  • aluminium alloy foils and high grade steel foils

Our nonferrous metals company maintains a large stock of nonferrous semi-finished products for international customers in two storage halls totalling approx. 2000 m². Thus we are constantly prepared to deliver as needed.


Please note the following:

On monday, 31st october, we are unfortunately not available.

We will be back on Wednesday, 2nd november.

Construction log: We extend our capability to more than 4000m² area

You can trace the progress in our construction log. All entries up to this point are available.