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Information about ball embossing - calotte

Ball embossing - Calotte

The ball embossing is a hemi-spherical moulding, also known as calotte. This term is also used in the loudspeakers industry describing tweeters reaching high audio frequencies. Calotte embossing is also used in the metal sector for metal foils moulded in hollow shape.

The geometry of our different calotte embossing allows to enlarge the cold-workability of our metal foils. Due to their bigger surface, they are often used for heat protection as they keep increased temperature away from sensitive areas.

Embossing calotte and big calotte

As ball embossing enlarges the surface of metal foils and cold-workability strengthens the structure, they get more stable. This works for both versions of embossing, calotte and big calotte.

If we add the next working step, micro-perforation, we could also use the ball embossing for acoustic components. Different hole density combined with the calotte embossing is able to minimize disturbing noises as they might occur in engine compartment.

Ripple metal strip

Construction sealing is another area where calotte embossing is already known as ripple metal strip. For example, stainless steel foil with calotte embossing is used for expansion joints in bridge construction. Classic copper foil with calotte embossing is used in tunnel construction to protect the concrete surface from growing roots. We will be pleased to help you with first samples of our different calotte embossing. It is up to your product requirements which kind of calotte embossing you will use.

Stainless steel is highly required for increased temperature, aluminium foil is normally used for complex structures and copper foil is needed in construction areas. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

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