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Informations about coarse grain structure

Coarse grain structure

Coarse grain structure is equal to our product name Stucco. This kind of embossing is known in the construction areas and is normally used for metal sheets in facades, trim panels or doors.

For thin metal foil, the coarse grain embossing is very similar to micro-worm structure. This stucco embossing could be made in different sizes and fineness. It depends totally on your product requirements. You may even ask for logo-typing or branding with this flat embossing structure.

The stucco embossing gets an enlarged surface of the metal sheet or foil creating a better contact to adhesives. On the one hand, it is used for roofing purposes such as bitumen stripes. On the other hand, the stucco embossing with enlarged surface is also used for smaller forming processes, as the foil adapts much better to contour processes. This characteristic is very important e.g. for pipeline canning, stucco embossed metal foils are used there for a long time. For the reconstruction areas, stucco embossing is often used for heating reflector foils.

Stucco embossing can be used for all kind of metals. Stainless steel is highly required for increased temperature, aluminium foil is normally used for complex structures and copper foil is needed in construction areas. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

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